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day 7: gladiators...

day 7: gladiators...

you are not my enemy

my enemy is he who sets us at each other

the one who declares 'Other' and points with fear, and anger

and blind hatred

you are me

our struggles are more alike than not

our fears, our dreams

they are more similar (than his)

this battle, this bloodthirsty struggle, is a distraction

a sideshow

so much smoke and mirrors

"come, see the spectacle, marvel at the shocking horror

and honor my gift to you

this target for your rage, your blame, your misguided unease"

I see it now for what it is

and I realize what I must do.

And here I sit in the dust of the arena

I close my eyes, and I open my heart.


<today's prompt was 'gladiators, dancing with death as the crowd screams for blood'>


Oyster Dome

Oyster Dome

day 6: unconventional wisdom

day 6: unconventional wisdom