Welcome to the Momune

I'm Sarah Weeldreyer! Thank you for joining me on my adventures discovering the natural world and discovering Truths through mindfulness and brave, open-hearted, simple living. 

day 19: ...she could barely breathe

day 19: ...she could barely breathe

heart pounding

tunnel vision, sharply focused

her hands were shaking, and she shivered a bit

although the air was warm

the panic, the pain

coiled tightly, squeezing

so she could barely breathe

and she thought to herself, in a moment of clarity


this is the end

and in her ending, her undoing, her breaking apart

her mind became quiet

and she could finally hear

the long ignored, the weak, the starving,

the still small voice inside that cried out;


now we rise."

And the end became the beginning.

day 20: lost in the woods

day 20: lost in the woods

day 18: star gazing

day 18: star gazing