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day 17: ...amidst smoke and flame

day 17: ...amidst smoke and flame

Today's prompt was 'a chemist experiments amidst smoke and flame'. She just popped into my head, so cute. :)

As a child, she'd thought perhaps 

that she'd be a magician

the idea of guiding the unexplained

called to her, made sense

when she discovered that the magic she'd seen

was simply a trick, an illusion

smoke and mirrors

her heart broke a little bit

and stayed broken until that day when she'd watched

intently focused through the microscope 

as the substances danced and swirled

on that tiny, universal plane

when they melted together, she saw the magic in it

and she saw her path unfolding once again

now she stands

extinguisher in hand, surveying the damage

and smiles through her frustration

at her reflection on the wall

remembering that little girl

it's not the same kind of magic, she thinks

but there's still smoke and mirrors sometimes


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day 18: star gazing

day 16: fluid

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