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Lake Serene

Oh it so was. Peaceful and delightful and beautiful. Especially after all those brutal stairs!


Big gold star for the folks who have been maintaining this trail. I have no idea how they make the wilderness stairs, but they are epic and grueling and probably way better than slipping away at the dirt. I have a feeling it was probably the amazing people at WTA. Good people.

Lake Serene is classic alpine lake glory. The water is insanely clear. The jagged peaks that surround the lake bowl are otherwordly. The whole thing is restorative and lovely. And the cool water is just the thing after that climb.

The fact that you can do both this AND Bridal Veil Falls in the same day is another reason why the Pacific Northwest is the best place ever. In my humble opinion.

This one would be along day for my boys at this point, but I'm filing it away for later. Absolutely gorgeous hike.

5 year plan

5 year plan

burning bridges

burning bridges