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Myrtle Falls

They may have paved Paradise, but that just means it is the most beautiful place a human can drive to. And only half a mile from the insanity of the parking lot, there are some of the most amazing natural vistas to be had.

We spent the afternoon on the short but lovely stroll to Myrtle Falls, counting marmots and wildflowers. I actually heard someone later in the parking lot telling their friend about 'Marmot Falls' and decided not to correct her. Little buggers are everywhere, they might as well have their own waterfall. And what a waterfall!


A very cool log bridge crosses the upper part of the falls, and there's a short but steep side spur that leads to the above overlook view. We decided to continue past the falls since we had plenty of time and trail treats, and were rewarded with wildlife antics, more epic views, and snow!

The marmots are pretty cute and entertaining, and it was exciting for the boys to get to see and hear the wildlife up close. One ran across the trail a few feet in front of B and he didn't stop squealing about it until we got back to the parking lot.

The wildflowers are just starting to appear, with the avalanche lilies in full array and some paintbrush and others in places, but in another week or twoΒ things should really be in full swing. There was still a surprising amount of snow in places, which was nice to see after last summer's super early melt. Plus it made for a fun turn around snowball fight spot.

Such a wonderful alpine stroll!

Skyline Trail to Glacier Vista

Skyline Trail to Glacier Vista

Deer Creek Falls

Deer Creek Falls