Welcome to the Momune

I'm Sarah Weeldreyer! Thank you for joining me on my adventures discovering the natural world and discovering Truths through mindfulness and brave, open-hearted, simple living. 

collecting my clan

collecting my clan


feeling alone, lost, confused

feeling like a failure

blind-sided by change I didn't chose

the safety net pulls tight

family love flows, friendly support unfurls

but they don't know, they don't understand

they don't have the map, they've never been here

You might understand, but You're not safe

and yet,

be brave, stand tall, speak proudly

My Truth

and it's a little bit field of dreams

they find me, they call me, they speak and they listen

they emerge and they bring hope,

and guidance

they hand me the tools, they show me the path

they explain about the obstacles ahead

the routes they chose, and the consequences thereof

they reveal their scars, their still healing wounds

and they smile.

And we laugh.

Tiger Mountain - Talus Rocks

Tiger Mountain - Talus Rocks

city girl, farm dreams

city girl, farm dreams