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Salt Creek

This was not our first visit to the lovely Salt Creek Recreation Area, and hopefully won't be the last. This is a super campground for kids! There is a beautiful sandy beach at low tide, framed by climbable cliffs and the namesake creek. The whole park is skirted by a very cool lava shelf loaded with tide pools and creatures. Plus you can find views all the way to Canada, a playground, a WWII bunker to explore, trails and hot showers (bring quarters)! Bonus points for being within 30 minutes of a decently large town with grocery stores and coffee.

We spent day one setting up camp, playing on the toys and wandering around. Then we decided to take our Cape Flattery adventure, which meant sleepy boys and a late night.

Nightfall brings on the one thumbs-down for Salt Creek. Racoons. Like R.O.U.S. for realsies. They are fearless, and insatiable. And sometimes in the middle of the night they destroy neighboring campsites and then have snarly fights over the garbage.

Luckily, having been here before and experienced the sheer terror that is having a s'more ripped from your hands by a golden retriever sized, opposable thumb having rodent, I knew the importance of locking up all the food and food tools in the car. So aside from some creepy (or exciting) wild kingdom noises, it was fine. But a little unnerving.

Day two we mostly spent on the beach and exploring tide pools. Absolutely scored with the weather too! We built our finest driftwood fort yet (ok, mostly I built), complete with windows and a log couch. Found an assortment of crab parts to play with. Splashed and chased and had a super fun time.

Later that night we got to meet the resident deer population and just sat on the side of the road and watched the adorable little baby frolicking. Then the boys passed out while I read some inspiring, hopeful words and my heart exploded with gratitude.

And maybe some adrenaline from the racoon fighting.

city girl, farm dreams

city girl, farm dreams

Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery