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Cape Flattery

Just a short stroll to the most northwesterly point of the contiguous United States. I mean basically, we walked to the end of the world. And it was only about a mile roundtrip! Getting to the Cape Flattery hike was way more exciting and adventurous than the hike itself, which was still pretty awesome. The road was a little bit 'Road to Hana' and a little bit of that scene in PeeWee's Big Adventure where the road is as curvy as the pictures on the signs, and rocks are flying through the air, and then he drives off the cliff. It was rad.

Sorry I didn't get any pics of that, I was trying not to drive into the Strait of Juan de Fuca! But seriously, if you are a crazy motorcycle rider, or someone who does NOT get carsick, very cool very scenic byway out there!

Anywho, we got to the trailhead super late in the day, it was kind of a last minute impromptu adventure. Luckily that also meant that we had the place pretty much to ourselves!

Only about a half mile of very nicely maintained trails with cool boardwalks for a lot of the way. The raised lookout at the very end of the world (or the trail), was a neat structure for the kids to climb around on while grown-ups took pics and soaked up the ocean views. We didn't luck out this time, but apparently it's pretty common to spot whales from this point.


We did spot the lighthouse though! And the eerie sounds of the warning buoy added some spooky fun for the dusk return hike. Double thumbs up Cape Flattery!

Salt Creek

Salt Creek

wabi sabi

wabi sabi