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Staircase Rapids

On this edition of 'Holy Crap Nature is Beautiful,' I bring you the Staircase Rapids hike in the Olympic National Forest. We left from the Staircase Campground (definitely a winner!) around mid-day with some on again, off again rain. The forest here is so amazingly dense and green that we didn't much mind the rain. It just made everything look alive and fresh.


Very gradual trail, excellent for the kiddos. Lots of amazing old nurse logs and epic mossy Ent-like trees that the Olympic peninsula does so well with all of its rain. The huge suspension bridge was a big hit and helped the littles forget about their wet feet.


We stopped and played at the river just long enough to build a rock bridge across the little eddy. Then it was back to camp for hot dogs and s'mores!


Can't wait to come back to this area when the boys are a little bigger and do the longer hikes to the top of Mt. Elinor and Mt. Ruth.

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