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mothers' day

mothers' day


Every day, several times a day, my son pesters me for more screen time. More TV. More tablet. More games on my mobile. "Please mom, can I just work on Minecraft for awhile?"

"Mom, can I watch a show?!!!"

"What do I have to do to earn more screen time, Mom?!"

The kid is a screen junkie with poor self-control. Just like his momma.

And so, when he woke me up at the crack of dawn on Mothers' Day, my first response was one of irritation. Come on kid, sleeping in is the one gift I'm guaranteed.

"Mom, can I please show you the house I built for you in my Minecraft world?"

Wait, what? Um, yes.

He built me a house. All on his own. And the entire upstairs is wall to wall bookshelves and a ceiling made of windows so I can 'always see the sunshine and the weather since you like to be outside.' He even added a secret passageway behind one of the bookshelves to a tiny cozy reading room complete with flowers.

It's like a dream come true house! And there's an invisible walkway from the second story to his house next door, 'so we can always hang out and visit.'

Are you kidding me?!Β Sweetest gift ever.

I'm so grateful I get to be a mother.




Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls