Welcome to the Momune!


Hi friends! I'm Sarah Weeldreyer

The idea for the Momune was born from the ending of my marriage. My nervous breakdown, broken heart, crying on the bathroom floor moment was followed by the realization that I was going to need some help to get through this. That I was going to have to find people who understand the reframing of divorce as an opportunity, rather than just an ending. People who know that the natural world and self-care and simple living are life affirming. People who could help me be comfortable with the uncomfortable, to be in the feelings and be present and stay sober. People who work and learn and seek Truth for their life. People who want to be purposeful and spiritual, honest and fearless, kind and brave.

In my head, it was an actual place. A farm, with a stream and animals and wholesome food, out near the mountains. Where single parents and their kids could come to live together and support each other. Where we'd each have our own little tiny home that was simple and comfortable, but had a door that locks because I'm an introvert. Maybe a central home with a gathering place and a library and a game room. But I figured that was a long shot dream, not feasible.

Then I started a blog for myself. Documenting my journey through all of the difficult feelings and the process of healing. Sharing my experiences in nature, and the Truths I came to via forests and wildlife and pushing myself physically. During those initial months I rediscovered my deep human need for all things nature, and started to rediscover my Self in all of her aspects; physical, mental, spiritual. I started to prioritize self-care, because I was hurting and needed to be cared for, and through that reconnected with writing, running, making, and a spiritual connection with nature that I refer to as my 'witchy' side. And as I rediscovered myself, and started doing what I needed to do, the universe started providing the humans I needed, when I needed them, to start building my tribe.

And all of the work and mindfulness and progress has brought me to a place where most days I feel energized in a way I haven't in years. I feel reconnected with a part of my True self that had been lost through years of a marriage that didn’t work and a motherhood that sometimes bordered on martyrdom. 

This difficult experience has cemented for me that taking care of my mind, body and spirit is key to an amazing life, and that I can't do it alone. 

And so is born the Momune, e-edition. I'll start here, building a community of like-minded humans whose dreams of a perfect day include talking about hard stuff while hiking a hard trail, or spending hours in the kitchen canning homemade jam while laughing about things that didn't seem funny the first time. People who swear when it's appropriate, don't take themselves too seriously, stick up for the little guy, and are more concerned with how they feel than how they look. People who love forests and dirt, oceans and mountains, sweat and tears and mud.

I mean basically it's just gonna be a recruiting tool so I can weed out my people who will be invited to the physical Momune once I find a location. So everyone better be on their best fucking behavior! ;)